Ministry updates

     In Southport North Carolina Mark Preached the Wednesday night service. People gave their hearts to Jesus and came forth to get empowered for soul winning Thursday night. We had so much fun at the Walmart parking lot. A total of 46 people were saved during those two days.


     During October 17th - 24th Sheila and I went on the Great Awakening Tour with Revival Ministries International In Phoenix Arizona. We evangelized the streets and ministered in the nursing homes. We saw a great harverst of souls. Sheila and I saw 610 people give their lives to the Lord during the 6 days of evangelizing.


     During the second week of December we went to West Palm Beach Florida with Revival Ministries International. During the three days of evangelizing Sheila and i prayed with 440 people for salvation. We saw another great harverst of souls.


     We Started our weekly Service at our south Tampa location on December 23, 2008. We gave away food bags and bags of toys for the kids for Christmas and told them about Jesus. It was an amazing night with a total of 43 who made Jesus their Lord and savior.

We go out on the streets around our South Tampa location every Friday at 4:00pm and win souls, pray for healings, and to invite everyone to come to the services on Friday nights. We have seen 256 make Jesus their Lord. Come and join us and win some souls for Jesus.












     The Honduras trip.















         We do a woman's jail ministry and a men's prison every Friday. We also do a drug and alcohol rehab on Tuesday nights. Lives are changed every week and souls are being saved.  


          7843 souls for Christ!